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Throat Chakra Poem For Thyroid Yoga Patients

Visuddha Throat Chakra Poem   A repressed voice behind a rehearsed smile Kept quiet, silent…hidden Careful not to anger or offend Guarding my lips Locked utterances knotted in my throat Doubting and devaluing my thoughts Muffled and bruised. Hushed and censored...

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Specific Breathing Practice For Thyroid Disease Sufferers

Breathing Practice for Thyroid Disease Sufferers   Thyroid disease affects as much as one third of the population. It produces symptoms such as weight gain or loss, chronic fatigue, chronic pain, bloating, hair loss, anxiety, and depression. While there are many...

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We know how you feel

As Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis patients, both Alanna and Danna have been exactly where you are. Learning to live with thyroid disease isn’t easy. Wanting to feel good in your body when you have thyroid issues is normal.

You're not alone

We're excited to share Thyroid Healing Yoga with you!

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