12 Reasons To Consider Trying Yoga For Thyroid Healing

WHY PRACTICE YOGA? by Karen Graham In choosing an activity or exercise routine when living with an endocrine disorder such as thyroid disease, you must first evaluate many, many things. I considered, among other things, the following. Below, I have then provided my...

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Throat Chakra: Healing and Practice

The vishuddha chakra is located at the throat and neck, and incorporates our hearing and thyroid gland, as well. This chakra’s element is ether (or, space), and it rules our communication and listening abilities. The throat chakra represents the first of the...

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Support Thyroid Function With These 7 Yoga Poses

Those of you suffering from hypothyroidism often have very little energy to perform exercises with. It’s hard enough just making it through the day without the added stress of exercising and working out. One great type of exercise that people who have a hypothyroid...

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Love Your Body + 3 Helpful Tips

If you have thyroid disease, you likely have been at odds with your body at some point. Perhaps the body gains too much weight, or loses too much. Perhaps you're too hot, or too cold. Maybe your skin is dry, or your hair is thin, or your brain is fogged...or you...

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Thyroid Healing Yoga for Beginners + Video

Have you been recently diagnosed with a thyroid disease?   Do you struggle with hypothyroidism or hyperthyroidism? Are you interested in a more holistic way to manage the disease related symptoms of your thyroid disorder?   This is the place to start!  ...

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