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Thyroid Healing Yoga
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One in three women will suffer from thyroid issues in her lifetime. Many of us go undiagnosed. Once diagnosed, options seem challenging and recovering health is hard to do. 

We're here to help. Alanna & Danna have both lived with thyroid disease for (collectively) more than two decades, and both share a lifetime of yoga practice and wisdom between them.

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Simple Sun Salutation
 This simple sun salutation is a perfect way to start your day, build some energy, tone the body and balance the endocrine glands. This series of postures is easily modified for a wide variety of abilities and bodies. Take your time, use your breath and keep the neck long and supple as you do these postures. 

Shoulderstand: An In-Depth Look
Shoulderstand has long been revered as the ultimate pose for thyroid health, but it is a challenging posture! Learn how to do this pose safely, with props and modifications so you can get the full benefit of the pose. 
Cool Down: Release the Hips
When its time to release tension at the end of the day, this series helps you to unwind, relax and release tired muscles of the hips and low back. Chronic pain is a common symptom of thyroid disease, and when its got you down, this simple series helps to lift you back up.
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"We believe healing happens from the inside out. To that end, we created Thyroid Healing Yoga to help you optimize your wellbeing and provide you with tools to create the resilience necessary to deal with chronic thyroid disease."