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In the yoga sutra, the author, Patanjali, tells us how yoga works. He lets us know pretty much right away that the state of yoga arises when the mind is quiet. He then reveals that in order to quiet the mind, one must engage in consistent practice.


This is key.


Most of us begin yoga as casual observers, heading to our favorite class maybe once a week. But, then yoga does something strange. It gets its hooks in us and we become obsessed. Suddenly we buy (expensive) unlimited memberships at yoga studios and invest in $100 yoga pants. We read yoga, speak yoga and breathe yoga. No matter what the outer trappings of the practice, it still creates internal transformation. How?


Because the yoga always does its job.


As long as a student is dedicated and engaged in the practice, the yoga does its job. The practice has a way of clearing the (gluten free) wheat from the chaff and allowing for the inner condition of yoga to arise.

You see, yoga is our birthright. It is who we are. It is a natural, inborn, ingrained state, and we’ve simply forgotten it through our social conditioning and programming. The practices of yoga (thankfully) undo that programming to reveal more happiness and bliss. We are more at ease with ourselves, and more self confident. We are generally more fun to be around! People enjoy our company. So much so, in fact, that our friends and loved ones start telling us to go to yoga if we slip into a funk. They witness the power of our practice and how it affects our attitude and our everyday life.

But, what happens if we are not consistent? Once a week is a luxury, it’s not consistency. It is the daily application of our practice to our life that eventually creates the condition of the state of yoga to arise within us. Consistent practice makes yoga our new normal.


So start now.


Like, right now. Every day is an opportunity for your practice. And every practice counts. When we choose to meditate, engage in pranayama, do a few simple asanas; whether it’s for 10 seconds or 30 minutes, all of that counts.




Consistency over a long duration is what gives yoga time to create the internal change that supports the sustained feeling of connectedness and happiness. It’s good stuff, but it doesn’t happen magically. Only with dedication to our practice do we attain bliss.

This isn’t a new age concept. Nor is it reserved for yogis on mountaintops. Or those who can bend like a pretzel. (yoga works on many different levels)

You can have it, too. Anyone can realize it. You must keep tending to your practice. Let yoga do it’s job. Give it time and witness the results. Because the results are awesome, and there’s a new perspective on life waiting for you…inside your practice.


Go, yogi, go.

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Thyroid-Healing-Yoga-WorksAlanna Kaivalya, Ph.D. – What initially propelled Alanna into her first yoga class was the diagnosis of Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis (a combination of hypothyroidism and an autoimmune disorder). Over the years Alanna has explored and studied many modalities of healing from diet, to energy work, to therapeutic practices, to physical movement, and even traditional Western medicine. Of all the things she tried, she came to know this: The body can only express the truth that it carries inside. Over the past 15 years, Alanna has written three books on yoga (Myths of the Asanas, Sacred Sound and Yoga Beyond the Mat), launched the world’s first and most comprehensive online 500 hour teacher certification program, and earned her doctorate in Mythology and Depth Psychology. Find out more about her at

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Yoga and meditation can support you on your thyroid healing journey but, how yoga works for some is different than others. Listen to your own body.