Mind body medicine has been used throughout the ages, and now with modern society embracing age-old traditions such as meditation, it’s no wonder that people are reaching out to ancient practices for help with their thyroid problems.


Paying attention to your body when you suffer with so many symptoms of thyroid disease like fatigue, weight gain, no motivation, low libido, hair loss and brain fog is easy to do (in fact hard to ignore). Focusing your attention inward and silencing the mind, is that much more difficult. However, it plays an important role in thyroid healing as meditation has been proven to:


  • Improve the immune system
  • Reduce effects of stress on the body
  • Help to increase energy
  • Improve mood and lower anxiety
  • Improve serotonin production
  • Lower blood pressure


Additionally, the throat is associated with communication and expression. The inability to speak up for oneself, not speaking ones truth and stifling emotions can contribute to thyroid disease issues and by being a block to your 5th chakra, The Throat Chakra!


It is a fitting symbol for the thyroid’s function which is to transform food into life sustaining energy.

In spiritual anatomy, the thymus gland is considered the etheric heart. It is the place from which intent emanates and fosters courage, compassion, and forgiveness which are essential for healthy thyroid function and a healthy self esteem.

The voice box produces sound vibration which is an amplification of the soul’s intent to give voice to your inalienable right to speak up and be heard. When shame and unworthiness inhabit your soul, they inhibit your voice and disturb thyroid function. A repressed voice needs to be owned and expressed.

There is one qualification, that the voice be spoken with courage, compassion and forgiveness… not shame, anger or retaliation.

~Demo DeMartile


Power of thoughts and emotions can control physical health. Simply channeling and focusing the mind to influence the body can be one of the greatest forces for a healthy thyroid thriving body.

Meditation is a key ingredient, especially when coupled with other mind body therapies and practices. A balanced mind and body is just one benefit. This is important when fighting an internal battle such as thyroid dysfunction or autoimmune disease. By integrating this approach into your overall health protocol, a more all-around support system is developed, allowing symptoms to be eased.


Other ingredients for a healthy Mind Body connection and lifestyle:


  • Healthy nutritious real food diet
  • Practicing Gratitude
  • Yoga
  • Massage
  • Chanting


Meditation And Thyroid Health


Wonderfully Illustrated by Eric De Barros

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Yoga and meditation can support you on your thyroid healing journey but, how yoga works for some is different than others. Listen to your own body.