Thyroid Healing Yoga is for everyone who has ever struggled with a thyroid disease…and those statistics are overwhelming.


1 in 3 people will suffer thyroid symptoms in their lifetime. Women are eight times more likely to have thyroid disease than men. If you suffer from hypothyroidism, it is more than 90% likely that Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis is the cause.


And, many people are never even diagnosed with thyroid disorder. They simply go to the doctor complaining of fatigue, irritable bowel, anxiety, depression, weight gain, weight loss, heart palpitations, brain fog, you name it….and are given a pill to merely masquerade the symptoms.


Dealing with the symptoms of thyroid disease can be overwhelming and stressful. And, trying to get to the root cause of the problem can be like searching for a needle in a haystack. There is so much to consider when working with a thyroid issue, which is why Thyroid Healing Yoga was created.


To give you a chance to heal, restore, and thrive.


The techniques and practices of yoga have been proven to reduce the stress of the symptoms of thyroid disease. Yoga practices create a calm mind, relaxed body, optimize range of motion, alleviate chronic pain, and reduce stress.


Thyroid Healing Yoga has been specifically designed to address the symptoms of thyroid disease and is attentive to the needs of the thyroid body.


Thyroid Healing Yoga can be done by anyone, and is safe for those with all types of thyroid conditions. It is gentle and appropriate for all body types and sizes, and is perfect for beginners, too.


What sets Thyroid Healing Yoga apart from other types of yoga is it’s mindfulness of what people struggling with thyroid issues are feeling and experiencing. The founders, Alanna Kaivalya, Ph.D., and Danna Bowman, both thyroid disease sufferers, take into account every element of this ailment in all aspects of the practice.


The physical practices of Thyroid Healing Yoga are gentle, and simple enough for anyone to participate in. This provides a restorative effect on the body that gently awakens the body’s own healing capacity, and help to restore vitality and alleviate stress.


Vigorous forms of yoga may not be appropriate because it requires too much energy. Hot yoga may not be appropriate because it severely taxes already tired adrenals. And, yoga that focuses on flexibility may not be appropriate because those with autoimmune conditions are prone to hypermobility, and overstretching contributes to chronic pain. This is why THY focuses on physical practices that are simple enough for beginners, and gentle enough to provide relief and support.


But, the real focus of THY is not the asanas (postures), rather, it is the deeper and more profound (and effective!) practices of yoga including breath work (pranayama), meditation and work with the energetic body and the chakras.


Breathwork, or pranayama (literally, breath control), has been proven to both reduce inflammation in the body, as well as produce overall stress reduction. These benefits are so important for the thyroid disease sufferer, that the inclusion of pranayama is a natural fit for Thyroid Healing Yoga…plus, it’s easy! Even the most basic pranayama techniques have profound effects on mental state and overall wellbeing.


Not to mention the incredible benefits of meditation and its relationship to stress reduction and overall improved outlook on life. Meditation is, in fact, yoga’s oldest practice, and has been used for five millennia as a way to change the mind, improve mental clarity and transcend challenges. In THY, the focus is on specific meditation techniques to integrate mind and body, increase acceptance and resilience, as well as create awareness of the energetic aspects of the body.


Perhaps most profound, is Thyroid Healing Yoga’s attention to the underlying energetic, psychological, somatic, and emotional roots of thyroid disease.

While many other practitioners focus on diet or supplements (which, we love, and talk about too!), our main focus is on the psychological, spiritual, and emotional aspects of healing. All of these layers are incredibly important. None should be overlooked. This is why THY supports you in the deeper layers of healing – at the roots of the mental, emotional and psychological layers–so that you create the energetic foundations on which to heal and thrive.


Thyroid Healing Yoga


We do this primarily through work with metaphysical aspects of yoga known as the chakras (seven energy centers) and koshas (five layers of the body). By understanding how all the parts of ourself work together, we learn how to optimize wellness on every level and discover our own unique path to healing.

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Thyroid-Healing-Yoga-WorksAlanna Kaivalya, Ph.D. – What initially propelled Alanna into her first yoga class was the diagnosis of Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis (a combination of hypothyroidism and an autoimmune disorder). Over the years Alanna has explored and studied many modalities of healing from diet, to energy work, to therapeutic practices, to physical movement, and even traditional Western medicine. Of all the things she tried, she came to know this: The body can only express the truth that it carries inside. Over the past 15 years, Alanna has written three books on yoga (Myths of the Asanas, Sacred Sound and Yoga Beyond the Mat), launched the world’s first and most comprehensive online 500 hour teacher certification program, and earned her doctorate in Mythology and Depth Psychology. Find out more about her at

For more helpful information, please visit Danna’s site at Thyroid Nation Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ and be sure to tune in weekly to Thyroid Nation Radio.




Yoga and meditation can support you on your thyroid healing journey but, how yoga works for some is different than others. Listen to your own body.